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Preparing The Child For The Road. Not The Road For The Child.


Our Children Are Our Future. Invest Wisely.


Life is filled with many things that are out of our control, and a few things that are within our control. It is estimated that one in five children experience a mental health disorder in a given year. CorAspire Kids is dedicated to empowering and equipping children and parents with the tools to raise healthy, confident individuals who contribute positively to society. We aim to partner with parents to prepare their child for the road ahead.


CorAspire Kids Reviews

They are amazing with my son. I couldn’t ask for better as a single mom. He has been with them since he was six. He is now thirteen. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!
Thank you for picking Josiah for my son. My son walked away with a smile. And that’s the whole reason I wanted him to come. Is that smile. And in Josiah helping my son he will help us help him.
They have worked with my two grandsons for a few years. The boys were having to deal with a lot of difficulty and challenges in their lives. Abbey helped the boys tremendously.
Cheyenne has been such a blessing to my daughter and I. She is so kind, patient and understanding. My daughter is making more and more progress with her anger and sadness. We love Cheyenne and are very grateful for her!


We have a fun and relaxed office setting where children and families feel safe to work through issues.

Our providers incorporate therapeutic activities that are fun for the children in order to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. We have several excellent treatment options for children and families that help to decrease unwanted behaviors and increase positive behaviors and foster connection.


individual counseling

Individual counseling takes place between the child and therapist. This process begins with this relationship of mutual respect and trust between the child and therapist. The therapist often uses activities that are both fun and therapeutic in nature to help the child identify and process thoughts and feelings and express them in a healthy way. The therapist and child work together to establish coping skills that will help the child navigate the road ahead.


family counseling

Family counseling can involve parents/guardians, siblings, extended family, and/or others who perform the roles and functions of family members. With this approach, the family is able to identify the things they would like to change and work with the therapist on a structured plan to start taking the steps towards a healthier family unit. Common goals of family therapy include decreasing negative interactions, improving communication, resolving conflict, and changing negative behavioral patterns.


parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT)

Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) is a short term, specialized program that is designed for young children who experience behavior and/or emotional difficulties. Children and their caregivers are seen together in PCIT. Evidence has proven this program to be a very effective treatment for decreasing unwanted or negative behaviors and improving the quality of the parent-child relationship.


Problematic sexual behaviors

Treatment for problematic sexual behaviors is geared toward children ages 3-12 who have demonstrated inappropriate or problematic sexual behavior that goes beyond harmless curiosity and is harmful to themselves and others. This treatment takes place in a group setting. Evidence has shown that family treatment for problematic sexual behaviors can help to prevent future problematic sexual behaviors.


Parenting Education

This treatment aims to educate parents or caregivers with techniques that are proven to be effective in improving positive communication and interactions and reducing disruptive behaviors. This treatment is provided in both the individual/family setting as well as the group setting (provided there are enough participants interested).