Mental Health and Wellness Center

Mental Health and Wellness Services

Support for individuals, couples, and families.

We provide professional counseling, treatment, and education for indivduals or family members seeking treatment.


Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is one on one counseling between the client and the therapist.  This takes place in a comfortable and safe environment and allows the client to process issues and solutions. In individual counseling, the therapist is able to build a positive relationship and trust with the client and to focus solely on his/her needs. The goal of individual counseling is to help the client become more aware of dysfunctional thoughts and/or behavior patterns and to identify alternative thoughts and build copings skills. This will help the client to effectively take control of his/her life and become the best version of themselves. 

Family Counseling

Family counseling can involve the parents, brothers, sisters, other relatives, foster parents, guardians, and/or others who perform the roles and functions of family members in the lives of the clients. With this approach, the family is able to work together in a structured and safe environment towards meeting goals specific to each family. The main goal of family therapy is to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and interrupt dysfunctional cycles in order to create healthy families and living environments.

Couples/Marriage Counseling

Couples and marriage counseling can involve one or both partners. In a safe and structured environment, a counselor can help the partner(s) to identify destructive patterns in their relationship that are causing conflict and distress. This setting allows the couple to overcome issues such as conflict, infidelity, disconnection, lack of effective communication, and more. The goal of couples/marriage counseling is to restore peace and happiness.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is provided with a therapist and two or more clients in a group discussion setting. In group counseling, clients are able to learn from others experiences as well as give input to others on what has worked to make positive changes in their life. Clients often find a sense of belonging amongst others who have been down similar paths. The goal of group counseling is to help clients gain insight into their own thoughts and behaviors and to learn to offer and take suggestions and support others within a group.

Substance Abuse - Individual Counseling

Individual substance abuse counseling is one on one counseling between a substance abuse counselor and the client. In a comfortable and safe environment, the client can process the addiction and identify their goals of what life without addiction would look like. The client and therapist work together to increase connection and decrease substance use. The goal of individual substance abuse counseling is to help the client to live a meaningful life without addiction. 

Substance Abuse - Family Counseling

Family substance abuse counseling can include parents, siblings, significant others, and other relatives who are affected by a family member struggling with addiction. This type of therapy is based on the notion that families share a connection, and by making changes in a part of the system, you can affect other parts. In a safe and structured environment, the family works to address any issues that may be contributing to addiction. The goal of family substance abuse counseling is to decrease anxiety surrounding addiction and to create a healthy family unit that can contribute to a successful recovery. 


Parenting classes are education courses that teach parents Love and Logic techniques to help decrease conflict and increase positive interactions with their children.


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