Mental Health and Wellness Center

Medicaid Specific Services

Medicaid Specific Services for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Behavioral Health Case Management

Behavioral Health Case Management Services link clients and help their families find resources to meet their needs.

Our experienced case managers also serve as advocates who speak on behalf of the client or their family to ensure that their best interests are being served. The goal of case management is to increase resources that can help decrease a client's stress level. Case managers work with the client in all capacities to help support a client to become self sufficient within their community.


Peer Recovery Support

Peer recovery support services are provided by specialists who are in recovery from a mental illness and/or substance abuse disorder.

This unique role in the journey to recovery is fulfilled by providers that identify with clients through their own personal experiences. Their journeys through recovery are used as positive insight and to support the individuals which with they work. Peer recovery support is provided in one-on-one sessions or in  comfortable group settings.


Behavioral Health Rehabilitation

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation is a goal-oriented service where our client and their provider work together towards a common goal.

These sessions take place in an individual or group setting. The goal of behavioral health rehab is to help individuals learn and practice life skills that help improve their quality of life by reestablishing them within their community.